Prominent Republicans not accepting the Gospel According to Fox News? Seriously?

“You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension. A dimension of sound. A dimension of sight. A dimension of mind. You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance of things and ideas. You’ve just crossed over into… The Twilight Zone.”

At no fault of their own and due completely to my own words and tone, I’m sure that at least a few of my friends believe that I would like little more than the complete dissolution of the Republican Party. While I don’t have a lot of time, patience, or tolerance for what passes as the G.O.P. these days, I don’t actually find myself daydreaming of their downfall. If anything, I could see the Republican Party splitting into two or three different political parties, and I would hope the most extreme of these factions would be seen for the ridiculous individuals that they are and then swiftly marginalized, but, to be honest, I could just as soon make a similar judgment about the Democrats.

My issues with the G.O.P. are not necessarily with what the party (should) stand for, but with the mouthpieces, talking heads, and overzealous cheerleaders who have grabbed the reigns in recent years, effectively controlling the image of the party as a whole. If McCain had beaten W. in the 2000 Republican primaries and I had been able to vote (I was a month shy of 18 at the time of the election), I think there is a good chance I would have voted McCain instead of Gore. I know that most of what people remember from that 2000 election is the painful ridiculousness of its final outcome, but Gore didn’t exactly run what could be called a solid campaign. But I digress…

Finally it seems as though a few Republicans and I are beginning to have things in common, namely that Fox News may not be the best mascot and promoter for the G.O.P. As David Frum, one of W.’s former speechwriters, said on Nightline, “Republicans originally thought that Fox worked for us, and now we’re discovering we work for Fox… The thing that sustains a strong Fox network is the thing that undermines a strong Republican Party.”

I found that quote in an interesting Newsweek piece posted to their website yesterday — “Have Republicans Been Out-Foxed?” It would appear that, finally, a few voices of reason are beginning to rise above the petulant rantings. But will they be enough? Will Republicans like Tom Coburn and David Frum soon be drowned out by Tea Party movement or by their own party as the 2010 election season starts to shift gears?

Time will tell, I suppose. It’s just nice to see that some prominent members of the G.O.P. aren’t salivating and swooning over Sarah Palin and all that she represents, which, let’s be honest, is something quite frightening.


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