Monday morning music update

I decided when embarking upon this new blog that I would try and branch out a little beyond my half-bright political rantings, so, to that end, here is the first of hopefully many Monday morning music updates.

After a long hiatus, I’ve returned to writing for It’s a Trap!, an online Scandinavian music journal, record label, and web store. If you’re into Scandinavian music of any genre, from metal to post-rock to twee-pop, It’s a Trap! is a damn fine resource for music news, and, as it is run out of Washington state, can save you quite a few dollars on shipping if you’re ordering from within the United States. The site also puts up a free, high-quality mp3 every weekday from bands as established as Turbonegro, the Radio Dept., and I’m From Barcelona, as well as up-and-coming acts.

Having sufficiently plugged It’s a Trap!, I’ll move on…

The best It’s a Trap! mp3 postings of the last month or so:

Rasmus Kellerman (of Tiger Lou), “Five years from now”
Familjen, “När planeterna stannat”
Kite, “I give you the morning”

Two free mp3s from Labrador Records:

The Mary Onettes, “The night before the funeral”
The Radio Dept., “Never follow suit”

And, if you’re interested, two reviews of mine recently published by It’s a Trap!:

The Radio Dept., Clinging to a scheme
Aerial, Put it this way in headlines

To be honest, I can’t say enough good things about Clinging to a scheme. If you’ve been waiting for this much-delayed release, it’s well worth the wait; if you’ve never heard of the Radio Dept., this is a damn fine place to start. If you need more convincing, Labrador has a bunch more free Radio Dept. mp3s on their site — I especially recommend “Freddie and the Trojan Horse.”

As Labrador is home to a number of my favorite Swedish bands — [ingenting], the Legends, the Mary Onettes, and Sambassadeur — there is plenty more on the Labrador Sound Library worth checking out.


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