Monday morning music update

Today’s entry is going to be a little thin on the ground. I haven’t been as ‘plugged in’ the last week as I usually am, and a mad scramble through music sites and blogs probably won’t do much but give this already lacking post an erratic, fragmentary feel.

Now that we have the excuses out of the way…

The music video for Mew’s “Beach” is now on YouTube.

Mixtapes & Cellmates are streaming a new single on their MySpace page.

A little self-promotion: I did a guest mp3 posting for It’s a Trap! last week, writing up a review for the most recent digital release from the Mary Onettes, “The night before the funeral,” and penned a review for Kiki Pau’s White mountain.

So, unfortunately, that’s it — no free mp3s like last week, barely anything at all really, but I didn’t want to let the Monday morning music updates die after only one week. I’ll try and keep a better ear to the ground this coming week.


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