Tuesday afternoon music update

As you might have gathered from my previous post, my life got a little more complicated this weekend. Excuses aside — though, you have to admit, Marly is a damn cute excuse — I let the Monday morning music updates be interrupted after only a few weeks. To my rather limited and marginal audience, I apologize.

To make some attempt at amends, I present you with a review of Jóhann Jóhannsson’s And in the endless pause there came the sound of bees from fellow It’s a Trap! contributer Laura Studarus and a link to download Robert Svensson’s Beat EP from Nomethod Records. If you’re a fan of Shout Out Louds and remixes that incorporate aspects of the ’90s rave scene, then two of Svensson’s three most recent offerings will be right up your alley. The middle song is a slower, layered composition that more closely echoes the contemplative efforts of M83 than it does Moby. All in all, the Beat EP is a fun release, made all the more enticing and enjoyable seeing as it is free.

And what would a music update be without self-promotion. I found myself rather blown away by the most recent release from Denmark’s Alcoholic Faith Mission. If you’re a fan of Broken Social Scene, the Moonbabies, or Arcade Fire, Let this be the last night we care is worth checking out.

That’s it for music this week. Maybe next week will be better… maybe not.


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