Monday afternoon music update

Every since Marly’s arrival, I’ve not had the most competent grasp on the passage of time, but I am assured that it is Monday, and therefore it is time to once again attempt a music update.

As my past posts have been dominated by Scandinavian music, today I am happy to announce I have a few non-European offerings:

While I am rather late to this particular dance, I discovered the Peruvian shoegaze/dream pop act Resplandor last week. Their latest release (the first in six years) Pleamar is brilliant. Produced by Robin Guthrie (ex-Cocteau Twins), Resplandor’s ambitious walls of sound on Pleamar are deftly handled, rendered proficiently as lavish soundscapes. Pleamar finds the group somewhere between Before the Dawn Heals Us-era M83 and My Bloody Valentine, and that’s not a bad place to be, especially as Resplandor are talented enough to carve an original niche into the shoegaze sub-genre.

This next offering is courtesy of my good friend Adam who posted the link up on Twitter earlier: Stereogum is featuring two tracks from the upcoming Wolf Parade album Expo 86.

As often happens, It’s a Trap! editor-in-chief Avi Roig has put up another wonderful track from an artist I hadn’t heard of before. Today’s mp3 post (complete with free download) is from Anna von Hausswolff. Sweden’s Aftonbladet compares her to PJ Harvey and Nick Cave, while Sonic utilizes parallels to Billie Holiday and Kate Bush; all in all, not a bad crowd to be lumped in with.

While I am still working on the review for It’s a Trap!, I am already pretty confident that I will end up authoring a smattering of overwhelmingly positive prose for Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson and their latest self-titled work. Composed of former journalism students, Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson easily prove themselves among the finest post-rock outfits with this most recent album. The comparisons have all been made before, but the band truly does exists in the beautiful overlap of bands like Explosions in the Sky and the Appleseed Cast. A decent amount of Youth Pictures… is up on their MySpace page if you find yourself interested.

And, as always, some self-promotion: It’s a Trap! published my review for Robert Svensson’s Beat EP, featured in last week’s music update.

Well, that’s it. A bit better than last week, I hope. Fingers crossed for next week.


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