It appears the reports of the G.O.P.’s death were somewhat exaggerated

As much as we bemoan politicians for repacking their message during election seasons, shifting their campaign towards the center in an attempt to garner more votes, there is something to be said about this: America and Americans are at their best when we can find a middle ground, when we take the time to see how our disparate ideas could actually complement each other, how compromises could lead not to defeats, but to victories — true victories, not for parties, but for constituents. It may have been difficult to see at the time, and perhaps it is a flawed example in and of itself, but I’ve read and overheard enough to see that many Americans, Republicans and Democrats alike, look back pleasantly, nostalgically even, at the Clinton White House and the Republican-controlled Congress of the time. For anything to happen, middle ground had to be found. It was not always a walk in the park, many windows closed and others were never opened, but, for the most part, it worked. The ’90s weren’t exactly a dark time for the United States.

We’ve known since the controversial 2000 election just how evenly divided this nation is. When one party holds most of this nation’s reigns, half the country feels unheard and unrepresented. This happened during George W. Bush’s terms and it is happening again during Barack Obama’s presidency, as evidenced by the rise of the Tea Party, the conspiracy-laden rants of talking heads such as Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, and the overall vocabulary being used in political discussions. What’s been somewhat lost when dealing with the fringes of the far-right (or the far-left) is the possibility of a healthy, robust political debate between informed, intelligent Republicans and Democrats. Too often politicians are caricatured, exaggerated, and sensationalized — one only has to the remember the cartoons of Michelle Obama during the 2008 campaign or take a quick look through any publication’s political cartoons today to see what is happening. We spend so much time dealing with the extremes of the spectrum that the middle ground is not forfeited, but ignored.

This is why The Daily Beast‘s article “Long Live the GOP!” has actually inspired a little optimism in me. When Reihan Salam writes: “The Tea Party could pave the way for a more inclusive political movement that embraces the same fiscal conservatism while leaving aside more polarizing cultural messages, as seen in the Scott Brown campaign,” I can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. I have little to no tolerance for the half-bright raconteurs of the Tea Party, but I can understand their desire to scream and be heard. This has nothing to do with my feelings for Republicans or Conservatives in general, or their desire to have a large-scale, transparent debate with the left. It seems silly that in a nation built on ideas that we should not want this level of inclusive discussion.

Having played in a few bands, it’s never failed to surprise me how much better a song I started on my own became when it was added to, changed, and augmented by others. To believe that one person or one side of the political spectrum has all the answers is ridiculous. But the ideas that are being brought to the table need to be ones that make people pause, think, take stock, and then decide — and this is sadly lacking with the nonsense coming out of the Tea Party and others at the moment. Where are Ronald Reagan’s disciples? Where is the Republican party’s answer to the charisma and speeches of Barack Obama? It’s obvious now that it is not the folksy Sarah Palin, the ridiculous and bizarre Michael Steele, Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal, or the Maverick-no-longer John McCain.

That’s my challenge to a G.O.P. looking to get off life support — don’t look to the far-right for inspiration, but towards the middle. There are so many fronts where a Republican could powerfully challenge a Democrat today, but there are few Republicans who seem willing to do so without placating the Tea Party, without Sarah Palin firing up the crowd before a speech, without succumbing to empty phrases like “The American people want [insert key campaign rallying call here]” (a suggestion I hope plenty of Democrats take to heart as well) or labeling political opponents “anti-American.” What we need are informed, intellectual discussions, and I hope the Republican party is up to the challenge.

19 Responses to “It appears the reports of the G.O.P.’s death were somewhat exaggerated”
  1. b.crusherman says:

    I think you are missing a huge point in this discussion. “That’s my challenge to a G.O.P. looking to get off life support — don’t look to the far-right for inspiration, but towards the middle.” The Republican Party has in the past 10 years drifted so far left that it has become too middle of the road and even left of center (when comes to spending our money) . You say the far right is not the way for the GOP to look, but that is where the regular working folks are looking! People don’t want their children’s future wasted on government spending. We need jobs and that can only come from the private sector. Remember, the true Republican wants less gov. lower taxes, personal responsibility….. The liberial democrats since 2006, and the socialist in this regime are destroying this country by their government take overs (bail outs) and outrageous spending. The likes of Beck and Rush have been fussing about this for years (yes, even when the GOP had it all)…. and if they are not where America is looking for a reality check then why are their ratings so high…. where is Air America!…. the lefts answer to Conservative Talk Radio. Oh….look at Fox News ratings compared to other cable news networks…. why? The likes of Palin strike fear in the harts of the left……why? IF anything the GOP needs to get back to it’s conservative values. Moving the party to the right might get it back to the middle. We need to govern from the middle Right. The real challange is to gut Federal government and get the power back to states and local government. I would start with the Department of Education, then Homeland Security ….well you get the idea. As a parting note, “The American people want [insert key campaign rallying call here]” (a suggestion I hope plenty of Democrats take to heart as well) or labeling political opponents “anti-American.” are unproductive, but the left uses these lables as an every day attack on those who oppose the left. The Democrat Leadership….all have labled Tea Party members, conservatives in the most horrible way. If someone from the right says anything off color….. the labels are piled on from every direction. Oooops, got to go for now!

  2. b.crusherman says:

    Private pay shrinks to historic lows. Socialism ….. another good reason to move these United States to the right.

  3. b.crusherman says:

    “Since banning handguns in 1974, Jamaica’s murder rate has become one of the highest in the world.”
    Another good reason to move right!…. Palin right.

  4. b.crusherman says:
    Greece is burning now….. the rest of Europe will follow. I hope we will not be next.

  5. b.crusherman says:

    Socialism Must Die! It does not work.

  6. b.crusherman says:

    Tyranny….. where is it really coming form? Liberial Fascism ……. Marxism …… Tyranny. Too far left or right will provide the same result. We are heading down a slippery slope left.

  7. b.crusherman says:

    Yet another reason to move to the conservative side of life…..

  8. b.crusherman says:

    Dude, check this out! Very good for the GOP. Also look at who endorsed him and what they represent. I will wager that he will win in the fall.

    Give me some meat!

  9. b.crusherman says:

    Liar!!! !Liar! Oh wait, we are in a “recovery”…..B.S. Here comes your socialist society. Listen to this.

  10. b.crusherman says:

    So, maybe we should look at this question ….. is Obama and his leftist regime destroying the economy on purpose? Is the Cloward–Piven strategy (political activists at the Columbia University School of Social Work) actually being used by these Marxist? I believe this is the case. Why would you shut down all drilling in the Gulf because of an accident? If a propane gas explosion destroys a house you don’t stop building houses that use propane…. would you? You would find out what went wrong and fix it so it would not happen again. But Obama has taken a tragedy and using it towards the C-P strategy. Talk about haulting any possible recovery quick! The Obama regime are Liberial Fascist. They attack the people and industries that move this nation foreward. They attack the achievers. They allow Black Panthers to intimidate voters at polling places yet the Liberial Fascist lable Tea Party members “racist”. This is a dangerous regime that has taken these United States by the throat, and they must be defeated this November and beyond. We must go back to what the Founders were trying to acomplish …“ We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America .

  11. bcrusherman says:

    OK … so where is Obama’s support for the Lybia fight? Hmmmm …. the prez is in Rio…… did he get the congress to vote on this action like Bush did? Hmmmm Bush got 17 UN resolutions and support from the Senate before he went into Iraq……. Wow …… what a bunch of hypocryates…… Liberial Fascism at it’s best.

  12. bcrusherman says:

    WTF! Will the honest Liberal please stand….. or say something?? Now it ‘s energy. I think he is trying to break this country!
    Palin is looking better and better…..

  13. bcrusherman says:

    Where is George when you need him? Wait! Sarah or Michelle will be on the the way shortly!! Just goes to show you …..BO just can’t cut it.

  14. bcrusherman says:

    Come on….. B.O. is going down the toilet and you can’t find anything to defend him? Oh, I understand, can’t defend the indefenseable….. He is like a blue devil… a flaming fart….foul smelling and short lived!

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