Wednesday afternoon music update

It’s just been one of the weeks. Or, you know, a couple of them. Anyways…

If you’re a fan of Denmark’s Slaraffenland or Efterklang, then you’re in luck. It’s a Trap! reports today that the most recent fruits of their collaborative project, unsurprisingly named Slaraffenklang, are available as a free download from Rumraket.

And another story cribbed from It’s a Trap!: While relatively unknown on this side of the Atlantic, Sweden’s the Bear Quartet played a similar role in their home country as Pavement did in the United States, with both of their impacts felt throughout the indie rock scene of their respective homelands. A damned prolific bunch, the Quartet are releasing yet another album, titled Monty Python, in the autumn. Their label, Adrian Recordings, is previewing four of the new tracks.

In a more British vein, Foals‘ newest effort, Total Life Forever, which I reviewed last week, was yesterday made available as an mp3 download from for $7.99 (two dollars less than I paid on iTunes). The physical record’s US release date is slated as 15 June on both Sup Pop‘s page and Amazon.

Since I already got the self-promotion ball rolling, let me close on such a note.

Along with Total Life Forever, I reviewed Crystal Castle’s sophomore album, self-titled like their debut.

It’s a Trap! also published my reviews for Familjen’s Mänskligheten (and if you’ve ever wanted to see a pompous music critic get his comeuppance for a snide remark, check out the comments left for me); Torsten Larsen’s (of Larsen & Furious Jane) The Big Payoff, a collection of demo recordings from the period when Larsen & Furious Jane were recording their fantastic album Zen Sucker; and Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson’s self-titled release.


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