Of Abandonment

As seems to often be the case for my blogs, Notes from Murder House was abandoned for quite some time. As I am finding it difficult to care enough to argue politics, to find anything worth saying about the environmental holocaust visited upon the Gulf of Mexico by BP, was mildly disappointed with the anticlimactic end of the World Cup, and spend most of my time reading and penning hackneyed, cliché-ridden fiction, I’m not quite sure what direction to move Notes in.

Football seasons not too far off, I suppose, though I haven’t paid enough attention to the off-season to be terribly excited. The Premier League’s first matches are less than a month away and, with the possibility of Landon Donovan moving to Manchester City, things could get interesting there. With Donovan’s international career in mind, I’m not sure if Donovan should move to a high pressure club like Manchester City, especially when Everton seem keen to sign him again after he impressed there last season. He’s basically guaranteed to start every game if he returns to Goodison Park. On the other hand, with Manchester City throwing money around like they are, Donovan is likely to earn quite a bit more with Roberto Mancini. I guess we’ll see if Donovan wants to earn his money on the pitch or keeping the bench warm for Tévez and David Villa.

Music will always be a sizeable part of my life, but my ear’s been off the ground for months now. The only “under the radar”-type band that I’ve run into in a while is Santa Monica’s Chief, whose EP Night & Day explores similar territory to the Brother Kite, though Chief’s pop inspiration, which one can hear a touch of the Beach Boys in, is filtered through less of a shoegaze lens than the Brother Kite.

My friend Daniel put up a short blog post (in Swedish) yesterday about Automaton Industries’ review of Russian post-punk outfit Motorama‘s recent EP Alps. Seeing as the driving creative force behind Automaton Industries got me into the Brother Kite, along with countless other bands, the site is one well worth following. And seeing as AI’s opening sentence in the review links Motorama with Joy Division, I echo both the site’s and Daniel’s sentiments to check them out.

And I believe that is all I have at the moment — a touch of cynicism and lethargy, a few trite opinions on sports, and a bit about music, mostly drawn from other sources. Nobody said blogging was about originality. At least, I hope nobody said that.

2 Responses to “Of Abandonment”
  1. b.crusherman says:

    Get out of your summer doldrums, go watch a Rugby game! Wolfpack Rugby …. 9:30 am Saturday July 24, Little Rocky Run Middle School, Chantilly Va. Enjoy the heat!

  2. We hate generalized irrationality. We like generalized generality.

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