“Departure in Particular”

I learned this morning (quite late, as usual) that Cut City, one of my favorite post-punk outfits, plan to take an indefinite hiatus after the release of their upcoming Where’s the Harm in Dreams Disarmed. Last month on a blog created for their new album, the band stated that Where’s the Harm… will most likely be our last testament.” Luckily, that bit of news is followed quickly by the assertion that “the songs [on Where’s the Harm…] are the best shit we’ve ever written.” At least Cut City plan to end their short career on a high note, and with the growth one can see from their 2007 debut Exit Decades through to their 2009 12″ Narcissus Can Wait, I have little doubt Where’s the Harm… will be one hell of an album. It’s a shame it will likely be their last.

It’s a Trap! reported last month that Deleted Art put up a free download of “The Sound and the Sore” on their site, so if you’re looking for a preview of what’s to come, that’s probably not a bad place to start. If you haven’t heard anything by Cut City before, I recommend tracking down the songs “Just Pornography (for M.E.)” (one of my favorite songs in general) off Exit Decades, “Replacement” from the split Cut City did with Cat Party, and “Departure in Particular” from Narcissus Can Wait. Unfortunately, the band’s MySpace page only has “The Sound and the Sore” on it at the moment, but it looks as though you can preview tracks on Deleted Art’s page for Cut City and their releases.

It’s a bittersweet feeling being both excited for Cut City’s upcoming record and knowing it’s probably their last, but seeing how much their previous releases affected me, even their less assured, yet still intriguing debut Exit Decades, I’m confident that Cut City’s departure from the world of music will not coincide with their departure from my esteem.


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