Were extraterrestrials in league with Hitler?

Various news agencies (BBC, The Independent, Reuters UK, France24) have reported today that Winston Churchill and Dwight Eisenhower ordered a cover up of a UFO sighting during World War II. Churchill claimed that the British public, still reeling from the Blitz, would not be able to handle the added fears of an alien invasion. The former Prime Minister also worried that learning of the UFO would “destroy [the public’s] belief in the Church.” And rightly so. There’s nothing quite like the combination of brutally manifested Nazi aggression and the lingering terror of an imminent extraterrestrial invasion to shake one’s belief in God.

These revelations come after the British Government released thousands of previously secret UFO documents earlier today. The files also revealed that UFO sightings peaked in 1996, during the X-Files‘ height of popularity in the UK.

Another interesting account revealed by these so-called “British X-Files” is of a Leeds-based gambler who, according to the BBC, “held a 100-1 bet on alien life being discovered before the end of the 20th Century, and who approached the government for evidence to support his claim after the bookmakers refused to pay out.” Unsurprisingly, the British Government took pleasure in being of no assistance to this man, telling the gambler that the MoD “was open-minded about extra-terrestrial life but had no evidence of its existence.”

I wonder if the gambler has a legitimate legal grievance now that this same government has released reports of aliens threatening Britain during WWII.


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