Friday afternoon music update

Here are some of the few music-related matters that I’m presently aware of:

  • Stereogum have posted a fantastic unreleased track by Bruce Springsteen, “Save My Love,” from the Boss’ upcoming The Promise, which according to the post is “a huge collection of unreleased music and tour footage packaged in a reproduction of Springsteen’s song notebooks.” The record is due out the 16th of November with the documentary playing on HBO the 7th of October.
  • I stumbled upon a copy of Twin Shadow‘s upcoming album Forget, which you can also ‘stumble upon’ for $1, and I have to say I’m quite impressed. Quite a few names get tossed around when talking about Twin Shadow — Hot Chip, Junior Boys, Phoenix, Brian Eno, to name a few — which, while valid touchstones and comparisons, only go so far towards describing the band’s intriguing sound. Forget is definitely worth a listen (and a dollar). If you need more convincing, check out “Castles in the Snow” and/or “Slow” on their MySpace page. The physical copy of Forget is due out in late September through Terrible Records.
  • Interpol’s self-titled release gets a lukewarm Premature Evaluation: “They’ve returned to their original home, chose that simple self-titled route, but ended up overworking the production. For such sharp-dressed dudes, they’re responsible for a messy, muddled outing.”
  • Yesterday, It’s a Trap! posted an mp3 from Norwegian indie-rockers Mindy Misty. Echoing the post, if you’re a fan of KVLR, Dinosaur Jr., and Sonic Youth, “Volcano Sea” should be right up your alley, as should Mindy Misty’s upcoming third album Generic Communion due out September 6th through their own Handmade Records.
  • For fans of the Bear Quartet and the Skull Defekts, their recent split 7″ has received high marks and praise from It’s a Trap! editor-in-chief Avi Roig.
  • And now for the self-promotion: It’s a Trap! recently published my reviews for Thieves Like Us’ Again and Again, the debut solo album from Rasmus Kellerman (of Tiger Lou), and Night Minutes’ self-titled digital play, featuring Max J Hansson of Cut City and Anna Knutson of We Live in Trenches (the self-titled digital play can be purchased for $2 at Night Minutes’ bandcamp site and is well worth the small investment).

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