Were extraterrestrials in league with Hitler?

“There’s nothing quite like the combination of brutally manifested Nazi aggression and the lingering terror of an imminent extraterrestrial invasion to shake one’s belief in God.”


Of Abandonment

“And I believe that is all I have at the moment — a touch of cynicism and lethargy, a few trite opinions on sports, and a bit about music, mostly drawn from other sources. Nobody said blogging was about originality. At least, I hope nobody said that.”

On Irrationality (a work in progress)

“Rationality’s strengths and failings exist in the realm of generalizations; irrationality’s strengths and failings exist in the realm of particulars, of individuals and their individual choices. As individuals within a social species, we have to accept both sides of this coin. Therefore, we must not only live rationally, but also live irrationally.”