There’s No Going Back Now: Coming to Terms with the Digital Age

“While I still retain some fears over the changes that are happening, I see no harm in harboring some hopes, even lofty ones. This is the world we live in — spending my time finding reasons it is riddled with terrible and dangerous faults due to the meddlesome internet is now far less appealing than attempting to play some small part in how things develop.”


A reason to swing by the bookstore after you swing by your dealer’s house

“For some, today is like Christmas; for others, it is just like any other Tuesday — and they’re going to celebrate it by getting high.”

On Irrationality (a work in progress)

“Rationality’s strengths and failings exist in the realm of generalizations; irrationality’s strengths and failings exist in the realm of particulars, of individuals and their individual choices. As individuals within a social species, we have to accept both sides of this coin. Therefore, we must not only live rationally, but also live irrationally.”