Of Abandonment

“And I believe that is all I have at the moment — a touch of cynicism and lethargy, a few trite opinions on sports, and a bit about music, mostly drawn from other sources. Nobody said blogging was about originality. At least, I hope nobody said that.”


Wednesday afternoon music update

It’s just been one of the weeks. Or, you know, a couple of them. Anyways… If you’re a fan of Denmark’s Slaraffenland or Efterklang, then you’re in luck. It’s a Trap! reports today that the most recent fruits of their collaborative project, unsurprisingly named Slaraffenklang, are available as a free download from Rumraket. And another story … Continue reading

Record Review: Crystal Castles, “Crystal Castles (II)”

“All said and done, there is much to like about II — in many ways, it eclipses its namesake and demonstrates the artistic development of its members. That said, I would have much preferred a tighter, more focused 9 or 10-track effort with certain cuts surfacing later as b-sides.”

Record Review: Foals, “Total Life Forever”

“With so many bands lacking the stamina to continue living up to the hype or the promise of their first recordings, it’s refreshing that Foals’ sophomore effort is of this caliber — both a fulfillment of the potential demonstrated on Antidotes and a transcendence of all expectations, even for those of us who didn’t see Foals as a ‘flash in the pan.’ All said and done, Total Life Forever is a brilliant record, one that impresses me more each time I start the album over.”

It appears the reports of the G.O.P.’s death were somewhat exaggerated

“That’s my challenge to a G.O.P. looking to get off life support — don’t look to the far-right for inspiration, but towards the middle. There are so many fronts where a Republican could powerfully challenge a Democrat today, but there are few Republicans who seem willing to do so without placating the Tea Party, without Sarah Palin firing up the crowd before a speech, without succumbing to empty phrases like “The American people want [insert key campaign rallying call here]” (a suggestion I hope plenty of Democrats take to heart as well) or labeling political opponents “anti-American.” What we need are informed, intellectual discussions, and I hope the Republican party is up to the challenge.”

Monday afternoon music update

Every since Marly’s arrival, I’ve not had the most competent grasp on the passage of time, but I am assured that it is Monday, and therefore it is time to once again attempt a music update. As my past posts have been dominated by Scandinavian music, today I am happy to announce I have a … Continue reading

Tuesday afternoon music update

As you might have gathered from my previous post, my life got a little more complicated this weekend. Excuses aside — though, you have to admit, Marly is a damn cute excuse — I let the Monday morning music updates be interrupted after only a few weeks. To my rather limited and marginal audience, I … Continue reading

Of Orphaned Mice and Men (and Cats)

A few days ago, I spotted a baby mouse at the foot of the stairs leading from our back porch down to the yard. His eyes were still closed, his movements jerky and uncoordinated, and nowhere could I see signs of other mice — not fellow pups or older members of the nest. With three … Continue reading

There’s No Going Back Now: Coming to Terms with the Digital Age

“While I still retain some fears over the changes that are happening, I see no harm in harboring some hopes, even lofty ones. This is the world we live in — spending my time finding reasons it is riddled with terrible and dangerous faults due to the meddlesome internet is now far less appealing than attempting to play some small part in how things develop.”

The Post-American Century

While I did not fully appreciate the statement at the time, I believe Hunter S. Thompson may well have been right when claiming that the 21st century is “the post-American century” in Kingdom of Fear. As James Carroll points out in his article “The Pentagon Prayer Fight,” a source I cited in my previous post, many … Continue reading