From “Death Panels” to “Don’t Retreat… Reload!”: The rise and fall of Sarah Palin?

“How can anyone — let alone a prominent Republican figure — think that defending Dr. Laura in the wake of her ignorant comments is a good idea? And why is Palin even defending Dr. Laura? The radio host was not fired, she made the decision to step down, so Palin’s bizarre need to make this a Constitutional matter (‘watch out Constitutional obstructionists’) is not only unnecessary, but demonstrates how little Palin grasps about what is actually going on.”


Has the sweet smell of Freedom been marred somewhat by the odor of fear and suspicion?

“t’s no easy task to win on two fronts, without and within. How much ground can you gain when you have to continuously turn around and make sure your army hasn’t devolved into a pack of savage racists and bigots or to ensure spies haven’t infiltrated the ranks and begun to exert their own brand of influence? Hopefully little, if any.”